Surgery Center of Colorado
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Littleton, CO 80120

Pre-Admission Patient Information

We understand that surgery can be an exciting, and sometimes overwhelming, experience. We have included information to help you understand what to expect in the days prior to your surgery, as well as the day of surgery. We welcome you to contact us with any questions or concerns.


It is important that you pre-register for your surgery. If your surgeon has not provided us with your personal information and medical history prior to your arrival, we will need to collect that, preferably before the day of surgery. We have provided our patient intake forms online for your convenience. Additionally, we have our own Surgery Consent forms which will require your signature when you arrive. Please plan to arrive 60 minutes before your scheduled surgery time. Take into consideration time needed for traffic and weather.

Pre-Operative Assessment

We may need to conduct a Pre-Operative Assessment, if your surgeon requests that we do so. This may or may not include an exam, an EKG, or other tests, to be performed by a Registered Nurse, Physician’s Assistant, or Physician. Payment for these services will not be made to the Surgery Center of Colorado. All facility charges will be paid directly to your surgeon’s office unless otherwise stated.

Day of Surgery

Our facility will contact you the day before your surgery to confirm the date, arrival time, and time of your procedure. Again, please plan to arrive 60 minutes before your scheduled surgery time. Preparations for surgery may take some time, and may include paperwork, speaking with the surgeon and anesthetist, getting marked for surgery, and receiving an IV in your forearm or wrist. We have a private “pre-op” waiting area with a TV; feel free to bring some activities or reading material to occupy your waiting time. Please be prepared to wait longer if there is a case before you, or to be taken back earlier, if it is possible.

Please bring the following items with you the day of surgery:

  • a driver’s license or photo ID,
  • a copy of your insurance card,
  • and a complete list of any medications and dosages, including herbs and vitamins.

Remember to take any antibiotics or other medications as prescribed by your surgeon, with a small sip of water the morning of the procedure. Unless otherwise instructed, no food or drive for 4 hours prior to surgery.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing that can be removed easily (button-down or zipper front is best), and little or no jewelry. Pants with an elastic waistband are often comfortable after surgery. You may wear socks and underwear if it does not interfere with your surgical site. Do not wear make-up or lotions the day of surgery.

Be prepared to leave your caregiver’s name and contact telephone numbers at check-in, even if they will be waiting for you, so that we can keep them apprised of your progress.

Most patients are awake when leaving the operating room. You should expect to stay in the recovery room for another 30 minutes or more following your surgery. You will be released from the building when your vital signs are stable. You will need someone with you for a minimum of 24 hours following your surgery.

Finally, if you or your companions have any special needs, (e.g., overnight accommodations, pharmacy locations, a map of the area, even food or beverage requests), please let the receptionist know. We are able to offer complimentary refreshments, as well as a wide variety of restaurant choices for pick-up or delivery. Our family waiting area is equipped with a TV (local stations or DVD options), wireless internet access, and excellent cell phone reception.

A map and directions to our facility can be printed from our website.

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